Quality, free range, pure bred birds.

About Us

"Maryvale" is a cattle, sheep and cropping farm located near Tamworth NSW.

Our children enjoy many country pursuits and have many pets. "Maryvale Poultry" has grown out of our interest in permaculture and the benefits that chickens can bring to the farmyard and ducks to the garden. We have chosen breeds that suit the climate, are economical and great with children. We concentrate on producing quality, healthy, free range birds, specialising in Call Ducks. All poultry are bred as close as possible to standard and we are proud of our breeding stock. As a result, over recent years, we have had much enquiry and interest from breeders and backyarders interested in helping to preserve the rarer breeds and looking for something a bit different, hence the need for a "web" site.

This site is continually updated. If you would like to make a purchase or an enquiry, please use our contact page to get in touch. All stock available will be listed in the "For Sale" page.

                                                                               ************ Please note we do not have on-farm visits. ***********

We will arrange to deliver your stock either locally or to our reliable transport company Anitrans http://www.anitrans.com.au/quote.html        



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